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Your partner in tea

Want to team up and delight your customers with quality tea and awesome tea blends? We are here for all your questions and requests on tea, food pairings, workshops and events. Hit us up for more information on info@by-trinitea.com and we will meet soon!

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Our tea comes from different countries and regions. With several harvest seasons a year and many ways of processing the leaves, tea brings so much diversity in flavors. We bring you our favorite natural teas and self-made tea blends. Our selection will be updated every once a while, so you can explore the world of tea together with us. For any special requests get in contact.


We have always been fascinated by the experience of tasting and how every detail can bring a little extra. By combining several elements you can even highlight or change certain flavors. We love doing this within our blends, but also in combination with food. This food pairing as we call it, can go from the well known treats to a complete dinner. Want to bring something new to the table? We are here to help and inspire you.

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