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Wat is thee
Tasty! Tea is especially very tasty. However, we can talk about it for hours and there is always something to discover in those fine world of tea. Even more fun is it to share this! In our blogs, we will always discuss another topic. Let’s start from the beginning.
Actually, this is quite simple. Tea is an infusion of the leaves of the tea plant, the Camellia Sinensis. Under this family cases multiple types of plants where we now not go on in. What is fun to remember is that all infusions made from something other than the tea leaf, the name tea actually not. Just think of the most famous Mint or ginger infusion. And Yes, also with infusions can make your entire delicious combinations! But ok, tea leaves so. And then? After the tea leaves are picked, they are further processed. There are different processing methods and the type of tea indicates which process the leaf. Just think, for example, white, green, yellow, oolong and black tea. In these processes, oxidation is used, but there are also teas where fermentation plays a role, for example, the Pu Erh. As you can see, there are many different processing methods with a different effect on the final taste of the tea. This in combination with the various growth areas and living conditions (so-called terroir) of the plant, does that make the world of tea is so incredibly diverse and always will continue to develop.
We at By Trinitea work only with loose tea. These leaves are hand-picked and carefully processed. We determine the quality, especially by trials. As soon as a tea to draw our attention knows, a recipe for so you can experience the same at home as we do. Then we are also testing what food goes well together with the tea. Why? Because you can do so many cool things with food pairings! And because we secretly also just very very like good food …Here we are talking once again about it.

Our goal is to make quality tea especially accessible and fun. That moment when we welcome are a tea … We want to give you that feeling. Share your experiences with us. This can be done via the comments below, facebook and instagram!

Hi there, it’s Sybilla! My background lies in hospitality, with a specialization in tea and specialty coffee as a barista and trainer. I have always been working with beautiful quality products.

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