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Contact us

For questions, support or orders contact us at yourfriends@by-trinitea.com.


Ordering with By Trinitea is quick, easy and safe! Every order placed on workdays before 12:00 PM will be delivered to the delivery address within 3 workdays. It is not possible to provide a PO Box as a delivery address. The shipping costs vary between €4,00 and €5,60 per order for the Netherlands.

Return and Exchange

As a consumer you have the legal right to return the products to us (right of withdrawal). The product may not be used by you in any other way than necessary to assess the product.
If you use your right of withdrawal, the product with all accessories must be returned to us, if reasonably possible, in the original condition. The product may not be used in any way.

Before you send a product back to us, we kindly request you to fill in the withdrawal form below. Your right of withdrawal is valid for a period of no more than 14 days. This period starts on the day you receive the product.

As soon as the return products have been received and approved by us, we will send the reimbursement amount to your bank account within 5 working days.

If you want to exchange a product for a different size or an entirely different article, please contact us first. This can also be done via the withdrawal form below. Clearly state that it is an exchange.

Complaints policy

By Trinitea strives for quality and customer satisfaction. Of course it can happen that a product does not meet your expectations. For this you can use the legal possibility to return the product to us. The conditions are described in the Return and Exchange section.

However, if you have a complaint about the product or handling, you must complete the following complaint form on this website. According to the legal deadline (see general terms and conditions) you must receive notification from us within 14 days about the status of your complaint. But we strive to always inform you about the status of your complaint within 5 working days. It is possible that we can solve the complaint directly for you. But it can also happen that we have to consult with our suppliers.

You must always check your product for defects and  / or complaints upon arrival and submit any issues to us within 14 days.


What do I do if I have not received a confirmation of my order?

Check your spam first. Usually, it ends up there. Also no confirmation in your spam? Mail to info@by-trinitea.com and we will help you sort out your order.

How many cups do you get out of 25/50 grams?

You need about to 2 grams for a cup of tea or infusion. So that means with 25 grams you’ll be able to enjoy about 12 cups and with 50 grams about 25 cups. NB. most of our tea’s can be infused for a second time! Check the back side of the package for more information.

When do I receive my order?

We ship your order within 2 work days.

How can I brew my tea the best?

Check the back side of the package for your magical recipe. You can choose to let the leafs swim freely or to infuse with a strainer.

I would like to drink caffeine free tea. What can I choose?

We have several options, you can try our infusions. Use the search bar on the top right and type in ‘infusion’.

Do you have store to visit?

No, we only run a webshop for now. However we have some partners that offer a small selection of our products.

Back to Black coffee
Koffie en Katoen
Rise Bakery

Ax Specialty coffee


Theetuin Overleek

Can I order if I live outside of The Netherlands?

Yes! At least Europe is now available for shipping

Do you also have wholesale options?

Yes we do, check out our wholesale page for more information. We would love to partner up.

Can we book you for an event or workshop?

Awesome, of course! Contact us on info@by-trinitea.com, we would love to partner up.

I have a blog and would like to review your tea. How can I get in contact with you?

Awesome, contact us via info@by-trinitea.com. We would love to partner up.

What do I do if there is something with my order or product?

Please contact us on info@by-trinitea.com and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

How important is sustainability for you?

We care a lot about our planet, there for we try to work as much as we can with companies that have the same standards as us.

We see the importance in managing a sustainable business process for ourselves, but also the family we work with. Little examples would be to recycle but mostly reduce waste, use organic cleaning materials and work with organic ingredients as much as we can.  There are some challenges though.

We are not allowed to apply the certificates on our package. In order to do so, we would have to be certified as a company which costs a lot of money. We refuse to let our costumers pay extra for an organic product that was already certified by the partners we work with.

Feel free to get in contact if you would like to know more about what certificates your favorite By Trinitea product holds. We would love to share this with you.

What else do you stand for?

We dislike discrimination of any kind. We want to run a business where we spread joy, where we can grow and where we can share our passion for tea and flavors in general. We like to be as sustainable as possible while doing so. We believe all of this should be the standard and not a unique selling point.

Our suppliers make sure the farmers get a good price for their product and support them to create a company that runs a fair business, where employees get equal chances. We are happy to be part of this awesome chain.

Feel free to get in contact if you would like to know more.

What is the shelf life of your products?

In general we work with dried products (excluding our Guilty Pleasure syrup), so they will never go bad or cause any reactions. How ever, also dried product will loose their spark at some time. Most of our ingredients will still be awesome after one or two years.

You will find a best before date on your package, which will give you an indication untill when the tea is still at it’s best. After that try the tea and see if it still matches your expectations. #zerowaste

How to get the best end result when brewing my tea?

Let us give you a few tips to become a pro!

First of all, your water quality is very important and can make a huge difference in the flavor of your tea. Try to brew with different types of water to see which one suits you best.

Second would be to look at the magical recipe that is on the package. You really don’t need that much tea as you can see. Don’t forget to infuse your tea for a second time to make the most out of this beautiful product.

Third.. Use a strainer or make sure the tea has space to bloom and release flavors! Strainers can be found in our webshop of course. Enjoy brewing!

Can I send the tea as a gift?

We offer giftboxes that have more festive look. Any other tea or product can be send out with a personal note. All you have to do is leave us a message in the comment sections when checking out of our webshop.

How do I make my own ice tea?

All of our tea’s are so awesome to drink cold! For the actual teas (so not infusions/herbs) start with dosing 12 grams on 1 liter of filtered cold water and leave to brew for at least 4 to 5 hours in the fridge.  Adjust to your own preference. Like your ice tea a little sweeter? Add a tiny bit (around 8 grams) of sugar water or honey/agave syrup or go crazy with adding fruits. It is all about experimenting in the end. Also check our social media for other type of coldbrews, infusions, kombucha inspiration.

If you want a quick recipe for ice tea, just go with the magical recipe on the back of your package and let it cool down. Does the trick every time!

Any other questions?

Just hit us up through Instagram (@by_trinitea) or email (info@by-trinitea.com).

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