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Forever young


Back in the days they believed that lemon balm gave eternal youth. Well we can’t guarantee that, but we can give you the next best thing.. This mellow white tea is pretty refreshing with a subtle herbal bite caused by the basil. Perfect for a little reset!

SKU: 89246 Mood & Tea: , , Ingredients: Vietnam white tea, Lemon balm, Basil

Additional information


A mellow white tea from Vietnam with lemon balm and basil from our Active collection.


Tea from Vietnam, Lai Chau – Single Estate

Amount of cups

2 gr / 200 ml cup of tea or infusion:
– 25 grams: about 12 cups, 24 cups if you infuse for a second time.
– 50 grams: about 25 cups, 50 cups if you infuse for a second time.

NB. most of our teas can be infused for a second time! Check the back side of the package for more information.


2 gr/200ML
80 °C
3 min

Our message

I wanna be…. Forever Young!


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