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Da Hong Pao Oolong


These plants grow on the cliffs of the Wu-Yi mountain range in Fujian. According to tradition the first infusion must be ritualy offered to the Buddha. Expect a layered smooth tea with elegant muskat tones and notes of orange zest, banana and ripe tropical fruit. Juicy body with a slightly roasted aftertaste. This tea will catch your attention for sure.

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Additional information


Dark oxidized oolong from China A.K.A. cliff tea!


Wu-Yi mountains, Fujian China

Our message

Honor the Buddha and enjoy your tea


2 gr/200ML
90 °C
4 min

Amount of cups

2 gr / 200 ml cup of tea or infusion:
– 25 grams: about 12 cups, 24 cups if you infuse for a second time.
– 50 grams: about 25 cups, 50 cups if you infuse for a second time.

NB. most of our teas can be infused for a second time! Check the back side of the package for more information.


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