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Kòrsou Blend Limited edition


In the garden of Permaculture Garden Curaçao we stumbled upon some amazing plants and so we picked them by hand to share with you. The freshness of the Lippia Alba combined with the spiciness of the Bay Rum Leaf gives a really exciting infusion. The laurel brings the two into perfect balance. You will find tones of lime, lemongrass, verbena, sweet parsley and some cloves in the background. We bring you the ultimate island vibes. Experience it yourself!

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Handpicked Lippia Alba Mill leaves and Bay Rum leaves from the garden of Permaculture garden on Curaçao. Yes handpicked by us!


Permaculture garden Curaçao, Curaçao

Our message

Dushi bida!


1,5 gr/200ML – 95 ˚C – 5 min

Amount of cups

14-28 cups, depending on your personal flavor.

NB. most of our teas can be infused for a second time! Check the back side of the package for more information.


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