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We love drinking the leaves of the tea plant camellia sinensis, but did you know you can also use the stems / twigs (kuki) of the plant to brew tea (cha)? This extraordinary Kukicha  from Japan is toasted and has a creamy body. We found tones of peach, cloves and cookie dough. So satisfying..

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Toasted stems of the teaplant. Peach, cloves, cookie dough. Sweet and creamy..



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2,5 gr/200ML
95 ˚C
4 min

Amount of cups

2,5 gr / 200 ml cup of tea or infusion:
– 25 grams: about 10 cups, 20 cups if you infuse for a second time.
– 50 grams: about 20 cups, 40 cups if you infuse for a second time.

NB. most of our teas can be infused for a second time! Check the back side of the package for more information.


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