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Cherry on Top


Coffee or tea? Why not both. In our very first blend our passions for tea and coffee are combined. We found you a juicy cascara (dried coffee cherry) from Honduras and mixed it with a fresh Kenyan black beauty as a base for this energetic tea blend. We bring you notes of raisins, vanilla and ripe honey melon with a full body.

SKU: 81838 Mood & Tea: , , Ingredients: Kenya black tea, Cascara

Additional information


A Kenyan black tea mixed with cascara (dried coffee cherry) from Honduras. Notes of raisins, vanilla and ripe honey.


Tea from Kenya – Kaimosi Estate / Cascara from Honduras


2 gr/200ML
90 °C
4 min


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Amount of cups

2 gr / 200 ml cup of tea or infusion:
– 25 grams: about 12 cups, 24 cups if you infuse for a second time.
– 50 grams: about 25 cups, 50 cups if you infuse for a second time.

NB. most of our teas can be infused for a second time! Check the back side of the package for more information.

Our message

Coffee and tea, the best of both worlds!


Share your perfect tea moment with us on Instagram. Use hashtag #bytrinitea, tag us and we will feature the best ones on our page.

1 review for Cherry on Top

  1. ola.piven

    Wow, guys, this ones gets a must-try tag from me. A coffee cherry tea – what a combination! I was a bit concerned if it would contain too much caffeine for me because of the coffee cherry (and my body does not react nicely to caffeine), but not at all! I was very impressed with the softness of this infusion! No negative reactions to caffeine, yet enjoying to the fullest both a quality black tea and coffee flavours, mind blowing all in all!

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