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Summer bags


Upgrade your summer experience by making your own ice tea! It’s easy, healthy and delicious.


We have put together these cute small tote bags with all the necessary items for your ice tea experience. Yes, there is even some space left for your sunscreen and sunglasses. In the bag you will find a glass brew bottle or a tropical flamingo strainer, a cooling paper fan with a sunny inscription on it, instructions on brewing the tea and of course the tea itself! We have designed a honeybush lavender tea blend which is super refreshing for ice tea and next to that an exclusive Oolong that will blow you away when drinking it warm or cold.


Making ice tea
There are several ways to make ice tea. You can just brew a warm cup of tea and let it cool down. A second option would be making a stronger brew using warm water and then strain it over ice (flasbrew method). And then there is our favorite: the cold brew method where you slowly infuse the tea in cold filtered water. All methods give a different endresult and are amazing to play around with. When using warm water you will bring more body and bitters to the drink, while with cold water the focus is more on the floral and delicate flavors. Also caffeine responds to temperature. Cold water will give less caffeine. Keep in mind that the quality of the water you are using gives the biggest effect!


Bag one – € 27
Small tote bag
Flamingo strainer for making (ice) tea in your own server can / teapot
Paper fan
Honeybush-lavender blend [20 gr]
Da hong Pao Oolong [20 gr]


Bag two – € 39,50
Small tote bag
Glass bottle with strainer for making (ice) tea on the go / also suitable for warm drinks
Paper fan
Honeybush-lavender blend [20 gr]
Da hong Pao Oolong [20 gr]

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Bag one, Bag two

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