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Mother’s Day gifts


Time to put our mothers in the spotlight again and this is how we do it. This year we focus on relaxation, because every mom deserves a little me-time moment. Think delicious tea (ofcourse), delicious chocolate and a roll on oil with a calming scent. Pick your favorite box below!


1. Chill out moment € 11,50
Black and White Harmony [25gr]
Milk chocolatebar with Magnolia flowers [Vegan] [50gr]


2. Relax moment € 19,50
Black and White Harmony [25gr]
Relax Mama roller [based on Jojoba oil, ingredients below] [10ml]


3. Zen moment € 24,90
Black and White Harmony [25gr]
Milk chocolatebar with Magnolia flowers [Vegan] [50gr]
Relax Mama roller [based on Jojoba oil, ingredients below] [10ml]
Extra option:
Golden tea thong [Plus €5,00]


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By Trinitea
Giving tea as a gift is like giving her some quality time with herself and her loved ones. The Black and white Harmony is the Yin and Yang in our tea selection. Inspired by the balance in life that we always go back to, we created a harmony between Black and white tea. This harmonious blend has a silver lining of Bergamot.


Our partners for this edition:


All products made by Maud from PURE by ME are designed to support you in finding balance within yourself. A beautiful way to do so is through aroma therapy. This roll on stick that we selected for you, is perfect for relaxation and to find peace and balance. Forget about that to do list, just be you!

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Bergamot, Tangerine, Inscense, White Chempaka, Patchouli and Palmarosa.


We work often together with this chocolatemaker and that is because she does awesome things! From bean to chocolate bar. All done in her little atelier. This bar is a milk chocolate (vegan) from the Dominican Republic with AMAZING handpicked Magnolia flowers. We are so excited that we got our hands on this very limited edition!


Get in contact if you need anything costumized or leave a comment in the payment area to include a personal message. info@by-trinitea.com

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