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Our story

Celebrating tea

At By Trinitea we love to take you into the amazing world of tea. From natural tea to subtle blends and from tea based drinks to food pairings. The possibilities are endless! By spreading our knowledge, we hope to turn all of you into true tea connoisseurs!

Let your mood guide you

We know that with tasting, all sensory skills are being used. One we find very interesting is the way you feel. Therefore we want to bring you the best possible experience by offering our teas and blends based on the following moods: Bright, Active, Relief and Majestic. We work with a small and carefully selected assortment so we can put all our love into our products.

We will give you background information, tips, tricks and inspiration to create your own perfect tea moment. Together with you, we will also explore teas from all around the world by updating our selection every once and a while.

Experience quality teas

Our tea comes from different countries and regions. With several harvest seasons a year and many ways of processing the leaves, tea brings so much diversity in flavors. We bring you our favorite natural teas and self-made tea blends. Our selection will be updated every once in a while, so you can explore the world of tea together with us.

Wat is thee


Hi there, it’s Sybilla! My background lies in hospitality, with a specialisation in tea and specialty coffee as a barista and trainer. I have always been working with beautiful quality products.


I'm Senny! With 10+ years of experience in Web Design and Development, I focus mostly on our Technology Solutions, Designs and Web Applications.

We Are By Trinitea

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