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Loose leaf tea

There has been a beautiful trend for awhile now, in which we make better choices for a more conscious lifestyle. Not just to safe the environment, but also to live healthier. How does tea fit into a conscious lifestyle? And is loose leaf tea that much more difficult than the teabags we are used to?




What do we look for when it comes to a conscious lifestyle? Taste would be the first thing that comes to mind, because don’t we all just want to enjoy life. Beautiful flavors don’t really need any additives though. The choice for big companies to often do so is mostly because it is cheaper, so you also pay a low price and to guarantee the same taste at all times. We think it is more fun to show you we work with pure products and create awareness in the diversity in flavors that come from nature. Of course the health benefits from tea and other ingredients are much more effective, the fresher and less processed a product is.


Brewing loose leaf tea


Those teabags are really convenient we get it, but there is also a lot of wrapping material which is quite a waste. The flavors can also be optimized for sure. How does this work with loose leaf tea? The dried leaves will flourish best when they can open up fully in the water. You really don’t need to use that much tea, because after the infusion your filter will contain twice the amount of leaves. Another big advantage of loose leaf tea would be the option to brew a second infusion. So now you can get two cups out of one portion and getting even more healthy components out of the leaf. There are different options on how to brew your tea. Here we have a few options for you, so you can have a look on which method suits you best.


Tea strainer

So many options out there. From the well knows tea egg to the most extravagant versions. We are very much fan of the tea strainer that can be placed on top of the glass. Next to it’s gorgeous looks, it’s also easy to clean. In our webshop you will find the perfect golden tea strainer.



Also many versions and sizes for this brewing device. You can find teapots with built in strainer in the spout, ideal for brewing big tea leaves that can handle a long infusion. You can also use the well known French Press for this. If you do want to stick to the brewing time with these methods you can pour the tea directly into your cup or another vessel/thermos flask.

And then there are the teapots with a removable strainer. You can take it out and easily keep the tea for a second infusion. This is our favorite. Also easy to clean and more precision while brewing.


Tea bags

Those paper tea bags that you can fill up yourself. Easy and convenient!


Loose leafs in your cup

There are a few types of high quality tea that are suitable to brew without strainer. As soon as the leaves open they will sink to the bottom and for the second infusion you just pour hot water on there again. For example our Jasmine pearls are perfect for this method. Why not just all tea? Mostly it’s drinking comfort, but it can also affect the taste in a less positive way.


Extra accessoires

For the best tea experience you can work with a scale and a timer, so you can follow the recipe. And for next level brewings you can measure the water temperature and even test with different types of water.


We are curious about your experiences with loose leaf tea and what method you use to get the best out of your favorite tea. Feel free to share with us! And take a look in our webshop of course to find your favorite tea!

Hi there, it’s Sybilla! My background lies in hospitality, with a specialization in tea and specialty coffee as a barista and trainer. I have always been working with beautiful quality products.

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