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  • Tasty! Tea is especially very tasty. However, we can talk about it for hours and there is always something to discover in those fine world of tea. Even more fun is it to share this! In our blogs, we will always discuss another topic. Let's start from the beginning. Actually, this is quite simple. Tea is an infusion of the leaves of the tea plant, the Camellia Sinensis. Under this family cases multiple types of plants where we now not go on in. What is fun to remember is that all

  • There has been a beautiful trend for awhile now, in which we make better choices for a more conscious lifestyle. Not just to safe the environment, but also to live healthier. How does tea fit into a conscious lifestyle? And is loose leaf tea that much more difficult than the teabags we are used to? Epicureans What do we look for when it comes to a conscious lifestyle? Taste would be the first thing that comes to mind, because don’t we all just want to enjoy life. Beautiful flavors don’t really need

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