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Winter is here (brrr…)

To keep you warm this winter we added some new accessories to our webshop! Get cozy with some new teaware and your favorite tea. Feel like sending out a gift? Next to our gifboxes we also offer digital giftcards.

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Milky oolong
Oolong Xui Shian
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Experience the World of Tea

At By Trinitea we love to take you into the amazing world of tea. From natural tea to subtle blends and from tea based drinks to food pairings. By spreading our knowledge, we hope to turn all of you into true tea connoisseurs.

We know that with tasting, all sensory skills are being used. One we find very interesting is the way you feel.  Therefore we want to bring you the best possible experience by offering our teas and blends based on the following moods: BrightActiveRelief & Majestic

Mornings made easy by waking up to a smooth round tea. Hopefully the first rays of sunlight are reaching you to join you in this moment. Sooo ready for another beautiful day. Good morning!

Time out! In need of a little boost? Let’s hook you up with a powerful full bodied tea, so you’ll be up and running in no time! Also perfect before a workout.

This is your moment to relax. What’s a better fit than a subtle tea or herbal infusion? So now that you have more time, we will show you how to benefit from the ingredients.

Are you ready for the next level? These exclusive teas will blow your mind! Our luxury teas have many exciting tasting notes and we are curious which ones you get out of them! Because just like with fine dining, the experience is subjective but always high quality.

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